Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Action shortcut in tasks list item

This is a small tip which you might eventually find very useful.
This will minimize a number of clicks that users have to do in order to complete the task assigned to them by providing a shortcut to the action described in the task, such as a link to document library’s document upload screen, link to a list’s custom view or an infopath form that user is tasked with submitting .

When you provision a tasks list for your site add a URL type column to the list, you can call it “Action”.

This is how it works, when you create a task (ex: “Please submit your New address information”), populate the “Action” column with URL to the actual form that has to be submitted and into “Description” portion of this URL column put “Action” (this is the display name for your link to the form, use anything you want).

Now when a user clicks on the task, along with the rest of the task properties they see the link that will bring them to the actual activity they have to do, thus minimizing the number of click they otherwise would perform without this shortcut.

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