Saturday, October 2, 2010

Microsoft SharePoint MVP !!!!

Yay, October 1st, 2010 turned out to be an awesome day for me (even though it was raining cats and dogs). I got an email congratulating on getting MVP award for 2010 :-). This marks my third year as MVP and I’m happy to continue being a part of this great community of professionals and just friends and hopefully with more contributions to the SharePoint community we will make it even better.

Hera is a list of some of the community initiatives that I’m working on with many other great people, JOIN us!

SharePoint ShopTalk (web site is under development)

I'm sure you have heard before about the ShopTalk, it’s a weekly call with a of panelists that answer questions posed by the community. It is an hour long, weekly event happening every Thursday at 12:30 EST. ShopTalk is a free form Q&A session, we start off answering questions that have been emailed or otherwise sent to us. The format for this is basically a conference call with a couple of PPT slides shared via a Live Meeting session, but this is mainly people talking out loud. Members of the community will send their weekly questions and before each meeting I circulate the email with questions submitted or just list them in PPT that will be shared with all participants of the event via LiveMeeting.

Questions can be of any kind, deployment, administration, customization and end user/power user.

Let me explain the structure of each meeting in more details:

· 12:30 - 12:45 - introductions, couple of words from everyone on the panel board.

· 12:45 - 1:15 PM - answering the questions submitted via emails

· 1:15 PM - 1:30 PM - free form questions and answers, where participants can ask their questions via the phone or live meeting.

You may register today and join the SharePoint ShopTalk Group on Linkedin to submit questions prior to the event. Though you may also tweet your questions during the event to @spshoptalk and via live meeting, we encourage participants to send questions in advance so our panel of experts may answer questions at their highest capacity.

Enterprise Search User group (web site is under development)

The Enterprise Search User group is a SharePoint based community with a focus on Enterprise Search aimed to provide valuable and timely information to its members. It’s primary goal is to provide a forum that encourages disparate practices and business groups to come together and share thoughts, ideas, successes and failures, to cultivate a borderless body of knowledge.  Our meeting location is at MSFT office in New York.

Next Enterprise Search User Group Meeting: Enterprise Search for Large Pharmas - Value Proposition and Lessons Learned

This session will have a focus around the following questions:
How can Search add value to the drug discovery process in the form of innovative and cost effective access to knowledge and information?
How can Search connect people to experts and useful insights?
What are the Search trends and enabling technologies to meet growing and changing business demands?
What are some of the challenges around Search for Pharmas?
Speaker, Lesly Goh will provide the inside scoop detailing her very own experiences from her many Search implementations.
Sponsored by Avanade

Congratulations to all re-awarded MVPs and newly awarded as well!

Next post is about another great news that I’ve gotten yesterday as well, stay tuned!!!

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