Monday, February 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes of the Contoso/ Consulting Search-Driven Application Demo

This presentation promises to be one of the best “behind the scenes” on developing search-driven applications.

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Behind the Scenes of the Contoso Consulting Search-Driven Application Demo
Richard Frenkel, CTO Ceonex has 30 years experience in the IT field, initially building systems for mainframes and later for the client/server environment....
Theodore Agranat, User Interface Architect and Design Manager is an accomplished manager of design and user interface architect.  He has built the design side of Ceonex from the beginning....
Dimitri Ayrapetov, Senior SharePoint Consultant has seven years of experience in IT, with the past four years primarily working with SharePoint technologies.... 
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This session will provide a technical drilldown of how the Contoso Consulting Search-Driven Application demo was built. The Search Driven Demo builds on the standard FAST Search for SharePoint web parts to create a "Search Driven Application": in this case a company Knowledge Center. The application includes "visual refiners" that present the information in standard text based refiners visually and allow user interaction, a visual "work area" to which specific items from the result set can be saved, and a power point previewer that allows PowerPoint presentations to be viewed and slides selected within the search results, among other customizations. The presenters will discuss the application architecture and custom development efforts required to build this custom Search-Driven Application.
Included in the drilldown will be:
• Brief run through of the demo to show the features
• Breakdown of OOB functionality, extended configuration, and custom developed controls
• Walk through of the custom graphical refiner controls (architecture and code)
• Customization of rendering components
• Implementation of “My Workspace”
• If time and interest allow we may also discuss the use of PowerShell to fully script the configuration of the demo application on SharePoint Enterprise, and how we customized the OOB visual styling.
As part of the discussion, the presenters will discuss pros/cons to the various approaches and challenges faced during implementation. The presentation will include technical drill down, but could be of interest to anyone interested in what is possible in customizing search or building search applications. 
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