Monday, April 2, 2012

Making the Best Search Choices for your Organization–Session

There is an GR8 SharePoint Conference going on in PA, on April 5th. This is a unique from the perspective that none of the selected presenters are presales representatives from a 3rd party product company but rather proven consultants that have real-world experiences working with many SharePoint vendors and solutions. Each partner has been carefully chosen because of their vast experience and success at assisting customers achieve their business goals through the planning, design, deployment and management of the topic they are presenting.

Harry Jones and myself will be presenting there the following session:

Making the Best Search Choices for your Organization–Session

There is an increasing demand for IT to deliver better search capabilities. As users evolve with technology, they rightfully expect a greater experience from search than simply finding a document. Consequently, organizations that still view search as merely a search box and a list of results, are in real danger of losing competitive edge and potential streams of valuable revenue.

During this session, Arcovis, one of Microsoft's top search partners, will arm attendees with the tools needed to navigate the various decision points in both selecting and applying their Enterprise Search platform. Topics will cover choosing the right platform (SharePoint vs. FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint), examples for monetizing Search, using search to drive operational and business intelligence, Search as a service and more.

Attendees will leave with the tools they need to make the right decisions for their organization as well as examples on leveraging search within their company.

Please join us at the conference or just come by to say Hi. Please use the following registration link, if you use this link organizers will know who referred you to the conference

Here is more information on the conference, speakers, location and more

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I hope to see you there.

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