Monday, December 17, 2007

SharePoint search does not crawl People profiles or Error in PortalCrawl Web Service

Recently one of our clients realized that they have no people search anymore and once we went to the People scope, it had 0 items in it.
After going through the index server event log I found this “warning”:

Event ID 2436The start address cannot be crawled. Context: Application 'SharedServices1', Catalog 'Portal_Content' Details: Error in PortalCrawl Web Service. (0x80042617)
After rebuilding search (which did not help) and analyzing the SharePoint error log, I stumbled across the following:
“MS Search Administration 8ije Verbose Search application '6a6d1b28-3a6a-416c-884c-1d8d967f9966': Skipping people start address configuration b/c start address 'sps3://[server_name]:1212' was automatically added to the default content source once.”
There was a port number :1212/ (which seems absolutely correct, considering that my Sites are on this port number).
The solution to the problem was to remove the port number and keet the slash, I have seen this Protocol handler get confused with it the past. Once that was removed and the crawl was initiated, it was grabbing the people profiles.
Seems like a simple resolution, but it cost me my weekend J.


马头 said...

Well, thanks. Although this solution does not apply to my case, it at least make me relaxed a little bit since I know that there are other people stuck at the same problem like me.

Another post worthy reading is here

Hope it will help.

P.S. my personal idea is that sharepoint gather do not like "Mysite" to have relative path, such as "http://servername:port#/mysite/". This may be the reason that the gather can not crawl.

My idea is to remove the relative path of "mysite", set it to "http://servername:port#". You can make the setting in SSP -> Mysite Setting.

Ani said...


I am also facing same problem. I am not able to search people as well as office documents. Can you me where I need to set protocal handler and what I need to set there?

Thanks in advance


Robert said...

In my case the url changed http://... to https://...

The sps3://... also needed to change to sps3s://...

Basically one of the first things to check is wether the url is correct.

After reading a couple of other blogs about this error that is my conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalya, Your info on the people search was helpful. I tried it and it still errored out with "Error in PortalCrawl Web Service". I found another note on the web to create a root web site collection eg. http://sharepoint/ and then it will work. And guess what - it did!

Take care, Jim

Nira said...

People should read this.

Anonymous said...

Gratest Thank you!!!

I solve my problem whith you post!

Andrew B said...

Creating a blank site at the root worked for me too. Thanks, Jim!