Monday, June 9, 2008

Event handler on a document library with custom editform

Even though this is probably a known issue, but I've been looking everywhere to find some information on this specific case and nothing surfaced. Here it is, the ERROR :-)  (the big, bad, SP error)I've been receiving "The data source control failed to execute the insert command." after filling out a metadata on a document within the document library with event handler (that fires up upon add item event).  Cause:  as part of my metadata I have a lookup column that is based on a list within the site and has "Allow multiple values" checked. Why it seemed that the event handler is cosign it? Well, I have another doc library with similar setup but there is not event handler behind it and it works just well. By the way it's not just a combination of Event handler and multiple choice lookup field, I also have a custom EditForm.aspx. Only after deleting my lookup field and recreating this field as a Choice field this problem has been resolved. And no, this is not SP1 environment. Hope it helps

SharePoint, event handler, Document library, custom edit form, multiple lookup field


Henry Ong said...

Note: From what I've been reading so far, this is an issue with custom list forms and the use of either event handlers and/or workflows.

Anonymous said...

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