Thursday, June 19, 2008

SharePoint portal implementation approach

I was very excited to have an opportunity to write an article on the SharePoint implementation approach best practice topic for TechTarget. Unfortunately due to article's length limitation which I absolutely agree with (who has time to read lengthy article) I had to be very concise, but I’ve tried at least to mention the most important points.

The biggest challenge though is initial light weight approach to the SharePoint implementation project by the client. Most of the time companies view SharePoint as just another application to get their hands on. They do not understand that it is a platform which implementation demands a careful planing and design. Hopefully this message will get through to them and we will have to spend less time justifying the cost of the discovery and initial design phase and more time on building the most flexible and reliable platform.

Here is the link to the article,289483,sid99_gci1317689,00.html


Andrew said...

Thanks, Natalya. Useful article.

You mention holding off on showing SharePoint to new customers too early. What I have found is that it works well to give a high-level intro early on, to help give some starting context and to get their creative juices flowing ie. "'Feature X' is good, but what about if we ..."

Andrew said...

Hi Natalya. Useful and concise!

In regard to showing SharePoint to newbies, I find it helpful to give them a high level look early on in the process - gives them some initial context and gets the creative juices flowing. Regards, Andrew

Natalya Voskresenskaya said...

I agree with you. the proble I was describing is actualy showing them OOTB stuff. Givin them high level overview is the way to go