Friday, September 19, 2008

Set default date to first day of the current month

This is small requirement I received to make a date column in a list and make it to

default to the first day of the current month.

I'm sure that for most of you it will not be something difficult to do, but for those struggling here are the steps:

1. create a date type column.

2. In the default value of this column to the following formula


instead of "1-Apr-2008" you might want to use any date that reflects the first day of the month, DAY() function will extract the needed number 1.


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JiN said...

Thanks Natalya.

Once i also got the same requirement to be implemented. But i did it in a very hash manner. Thanks this is a good way.

Sandeep K Nahta said...

This will not be updated automatically

Anonymous said...

When I try this in SharePoint2007 I get this error:
"The formula refers to a column that does not exist. Check the formula for spelling mistakes or change the non-existing column to an existing column."