Monday, September 22, 2008

SharePoint Best Practices Conference

The conference is over and it was a great success!

Mindsharp team had organized everything very neatly with great attention to details. I don’t believe they had anticipated such a big success, but they did a good job rearranging some of the sessions and session locations in order to accommodate attendees and speakers.

I’ve attended many great sessions and finally got a chance to meet with some of the people that I’ve been friends with for a while.

By the end of the conference I was very exhausted, the main reason is that it was the first one when I had a chance to speak at my very own session on developing training strategy for SharePoint staff, I also co-presented at this conference with my friend and colleague Paul Galvin on a case study in governance.

To my luck I got severe cold before the conference so I’ve spent the whole time coughing and carrying boxes of tissues. And on Wednesday I even lost one of my contacts so during the whole Training speech I was half blind J But thanks to all support from my friends Bob Fox, Paul Galvin, Spence Harbar, Agnes Molnar and all great people that attended it was a walk in the park. I was very nervous in the beginning, but then I remembered that the audience is there not to see you fail, but to see you succeed and sure enough Todd Bleeker popped in with his cheerful smile and it put me at ease.

If you were unable to attend this conference I urge you to sign up for the next one in February as soon as the registration opens as the number of attendees will be limited and you can’t afford to miss all the great tracks that it will offer.

PS: bellow you will find inks to all slide decks

I'll see you there :-)

"Formula for Success" Training your SharePoint staff

Taming the “Wild West” A Case Study in Governance


Anonymous said...

Your session was awesome!

<Todd />

Natalya Voskresenskaya said...

Thanks a lot!
I'm glad you liked it

Jason said...

Hi Natalya,

Nice to have met you for real!
I really enjoyed your first session, 'taming the wild west' and encourage everyone to download the powerpoint included within this blog.

Thanks again,

Jason (one of the dutchies)