Monday, January 26, 2009

User Profile Properties do not synchronize

I’ve come across this issue a while ago, but after seeing this issue surfacing several times, I’ve decided to blog about it :-)

This problem might appear very deceiving almost like some user profiles are being ignored while other profiles are getting their properties updated just fine.

The problem is fundamentally within the way SharePoint is handling profiles updates :-)

SP finds a profile based on profile’s account name and matches it to AD account, but synchronizes properties by matching profile’s SID to the AD SID. Which means that if the profile had been recreated or corrupted this is not going to synchronize because this profile when it comes to AD does not exist anymore. SharePoint will first try to see if the profile exists based on the account name, and surely enough it will find it, this is why it will not recreate it, but it will not update any properties since SIDs will not be the same.

Delete this profile in SharePoint and do the import.

And refer to the following Thing that should or should not be done to SharePoint admin account


Evita4ka's father said...

Разве удаление профиля не приводит к удалению MySite пользователя?
Можно ведь поправить SID в базах данных, получив его процедурой suser_sid(@userlogin).

Anonymous said...

I have a question that is off your topic, but I am desperate so I willask anyway - I am trying to automatically start a spd workflow daily without having a user create or edit a list item.... Can this be done??

Natalya Voskresenskaya [SharePoint MVP] said...

To: Evita4ka, no it does not.

Natalya Voskresenskaya [SharePoint MVP] said...

well, you cannot do it without any coding for sure

Nash said...

Hello Natalya. We have a parent farm and child farm relationship in our environment. The profile is getting synced properly between AD and the parent farm. The child farm is also displaying the correct user details but only in few site collections. Tried deleting the user from the site collection and did an export/import of a site from a site collection (that is displaying correct details) to see if that will help but of no use. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.