Friday, February 6, 2009

BP 2009 in San Diego – Training your SharePoint staff presentation

Just Got back home from the conference and even though I greatly enjoyed the conference and people attending, but home is home :-)

As promised here is the presentation on Training Staff Responsible in the Various Roles and Responsibilities

Description: The SharePoint implementation can be very complex, involving many types of roles and responsibilities within an organization, it’s critical that all groups involved are competent enough to take advantage of its functionality. Even if your portal solutions are state of the art, but when end users don’t use it, the implementation is a waste of time and budget. This session will cover all roles and role based training approach. This presentation covers the identification of the key roles involved in the usage/development/maintenance of the SharePoint Portal, describes the type of training each role is required to receive based on their responsibilities, and how to deliver more focused and relevant training. It is hoped that audience members walk away with enough understanding of the importance of delivering training to all roles involved and with concrete and useful information that help them to develop the right training strategy.

Enjoy :-)

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Hank said...

The link is broken to the presentation. Can you please fix? I look forward to reading it.