Friday, February 6, 2009

BP 2009 - Educated approach for selecting third party products and Vendors presentation

The conference is over and I enjoyed it very much. I’ve met a lot of great people “Hi all!” and as promised here is my presentation on third party products.

Educated approach for selecting third party products and Vendors

Description: SharePoint has become the platform that companies and businesses are turning to in search of solutions for their business needs.  Windows SharePoint Services also provides a foundation platform for building Web-based business applications that can easily scale to meet the changing and growing needs of business, as a result there is plethora of 3rd-party suppliers. In some cases third party applications and add-ons add some flexibility or more functionality to the basic feature set offered by SharePoint, and in others they enable powerful administrative capabilities and allow integration with critical business applications and databases. The number of third-party SharePoint applications and Web Parts is growing at a remarkable rate. This growth brings a lot of confusion on how to select the right vendor and product to customers that are looking to supplement their SharePoint environment. In this session, you will learn to identify difference categories of third party products available on the market and their value, select the right product and vendor that would fit their budget and business needs, and understand implications of introducing different products into their SharePoint environment

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