Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New York SharePoint User Group meeting June 3, 2009

It is a short notice, but I urge you to attend this meeting.

Jim Kane will present on "Challenges and SharePoint Enterprise Deployments (& a few solutions)"

This presentation will focus on the many and varied challenges of implementing SharePoint on an enterprise level, whether for a small company or for a large company. Enterprise deployments present unique issues; from expectations through politics, from infrastructure decisions through going out-of-the-box or customizing. Deploying SharePoint across an enterprise can get messy quickly once more than a few people are involved in decision making.
We'll look at some real-life examples of challenges, and some ways to meet those challenges. Be prepared to participate in the discussion!

I’ve known Jim for quite a while and the first time I met him it happened at one of the New York User Group meetings. Jim and I are currently working on the same project (enterprise deployment), but from different side. Sides do not really matter form the project point of view, but I’m curious to find out how the challenges that we all are facing are being viewed from a different perspective.

I’ll see you there :-)

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