Thursday, June 25, 2009

Publishing Search Results in MOSS

Never noticed it before, but after checking it on several installations of MOSS, it appears that the search is “ignoring” “start Date” on publishing pages and includes all documents that had not been published yet.

If you create for example an article and set publish date one week from now, you have to modify your search not to include these articles into search results until this date had been reached.


Ryan Miller said...

It will abide by the page's security though. The standard reader won't have access to view the page until after the start date, and thus it won't show up in search. Only authors and approvers should see these pages in search prior to their start date. Are you seeing different behavior?

Natalya Voskresenskaya [SharePoint MVP] said...

Yes, I am seeing different behaviour. And security has nothing to do with publishing start date

Anonymous said...

While the start date is not reached, the item remains as a minor version (status: scheduled) which is not visible to visitors or restricted readers (but well to contributors or approvers).

Ramesh said...

If the indexing account has full control on this content source, indexer will crawl every item even though you won't publish the content